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Avocado everyday? It’s possible now! Get ready to shine from the inside out 💃🏋️

Avocadian (n) /ævəˈkɑːdēən/: An avocado lover who embraces the avocado-infused diet and avocado-inspired health and beauty lifestyle.

The Aztecs once hailed the avocado as the king of fruits since 500 B.C. ago when it became a staple in the diets of Central Mexico.

Fast forward to 2017, here at Avocadian, we are re-embracing and re-introducing this super nutritious fruit into our modern active lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our Tagline: Real Health, Real Beauty.

You are what you eat. We truly believe "real food" is the savior in this overly-processed world, a realistic way to achieve your health and beauty goals, and the key to deliver the real results you desired.

Here at Avocadian, we want to be the real deal who bring real food onto your health plan, and be the fresh breeze which bring full flavour of nature directly into your mouth. 🍃

In the making of these jars of goodness, we became the attentive mother 👩 who handpicks the best kind of avocado, and uses only 100% natural ingredients. Preservative, chemical, additives, colouring, NO thanks. 🙅

We maintain high standard and never compromise the quality of our product, just like a mom who make real food for the sake of well-being of her children.

We are committed to
🥑 Deliver you the healthiest and tastiest avocado diet
🥑 Help you to incorporate #realfood into your daily diets
🥑 Inspire you along your journey of achieving #realhealth and #realbeauty

We'd like to invite you to be part of the Avocadian community!

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Do you know WHY we started AvoBoost subscription for all health-conscious people like you? This was because...

1) We Were Tired Of Wasted Avocados:
Too many people are complaining that it's hard to deal with avocados, e.g. they often need to throw the rotten or overripe avocados away. Now, we take the risk to ensure your avo-goodness is perfectly green.

2) We Wanted To Make Consistent Intake Of Avocado Possible:
We need to eat supplement/medicine everyday for a particular health purpose or we need to exercise regularly to be fit. Similarly, avocado is awesome for your health and beauty, but one will never see any result without a consistent intake. For example, avocado is the best first food for your baby, but are you able to feed your baby with avocado everyday like how you feed her/him the milk powder?

3) We Wished We Could Save Your Time:
Referring to 1) and 2), it's frustrating to realize that the avocados we bought aren't eatable and see no health improvement at the end of the day. Furthermore, you can also spend less on vitamin supplements and external cosmetic products (believe it or not, most cosmetic products contain chemicals and preservatives) by gaining health and beauty at once naturally with AvoBoost to shine from the inside out!

4) We Needed 100% Natural Products Badly:
You are what you eat. There are too few 100% natural products in the market and the existing avocado purée out there contains only at most 16% of avocado pulp... Here we promise your avocado purée is made by 100% natural ingredients with at least 99% premium avo-pulp!

5) We Are Committed To Promote The Avo-Goodness In Malaysia:
Western people are known to be health-conscious and eco-conscious. It's not surprising that they've been crazy about avocados for years and see it as the world's healthiest food. Malaysians are just too slow to pick up!

If you agree, you're not alone. This is because most of our customers and parents think so! 

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Our Story

Cautious: This is a long and honest story. Sorry if we are not good storytellers 😝

Part 1 - How Joy and MK met.

Joy and MK are typical Malaysians who wish to make Malaysia proud.

They both love the nature and outdoor sports very much.

They enjoy travelling, marathon, hiking, rock climbing, and everything related to the nature!

There was no surprise one day they ended up being together as a lovely couple.

Part 2 - They first tasted avocado.

Both of them are very health-conscious too.

They all heard about avocado as a superfood since they were kids and they both tried it when they grew older.

Their reactions?

Joy: "Yummy, it's so creamy!"

MK: "Gosh... it's so tasteless and the texture is weird. No more avocado in my life."

Joy: "No. Avocado is super nutritious ok. You should definitely eat more!"

MK: "NO, thanks."

Part 3 - They went mad.

Since then, I would sometimes see avocados at Joy's home (Opps! Yes I'm MK! 😚 ). That was not good because:

1) Joy would force me to eat it (at least a mouthful of it... terrible!);

2) She would start complaining about the avocados she bought and went mad, e.g. "xxx... another rotten avocado... waste my money!!!"

Part 4 - Too many complaints...

Have you ever learned a new word, one that you swear you've never heard before, only to find it popping up throughout your daily life for a few days after?

Avocado is the word to us. We started realized that many relatives and friends of us loved avocado. We started seeing avo-related posts on Facebook and Instagram. How amazing!

However, the complaints never stopped kicking in:

"My avocados never ripen after few weeks..."

"My avocados were overripe before I realized..."

"I hope I could get ready-to-eat avocado to feed my baby everyday..."

"Don't ever buy the 3-for-RM10 avocados, 2/3 must be rotten..."

"I know avocado is very good but my kids don't like the taste..."

And many many more...

Part 5 - MK was convinced.

At that point of time, we're still not convinced to make Avocadian happen.

Until one day...

Joy tried her best to convince me to accept avocado by turning avocado onto Guacamole - a Mexican avocado dish.

The outcome? I surrendered (it's super healthy-licious!) and both of us become true avo-lovers!

As we researched and learned more about avocado, we realized that avocado diet is super popular in many advanced countries including Australia, New Zealand, Europe and United States, because scientists proved that it has amazing benefits on human's health and beauty.

We thought that we should promote avocado diet and try to solve all avo-problems for health-conscious people like us in Malaysia.

Part 6 - Finally it came true! 

After countless experiments, improvements, sweat, and tears, we're successful to deliver the healthiest, tastiest, and ready-to-eat avocado purée in Malaysia! 😃🥑!

Yeah, now it's possible to enjoy the essence of avocado everyday to truly benefit from avocado!

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📞 010-6540235 | Whatsapp Now

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No more worries. We will bear all the risks for you 😉