About Us

Avocadian is the Superhero of Love, Care, Share.

Avocadian (n) /ævəˈkɑːdēən/: Avocadian is anyone who loves oneself, cares for others, and shares happiness. Avocadian defines success as one’s inner health and beauty.

The Aztecs once hailed the avocado as the king of fruits since 500 B.C. ago when it became a staple in the diets of Central Mexico.

Here at Avocadian, we are re-embracing and re-introducing this super nutritious fruit into our modern active lifestyle to help you achieve real health and real beauty.

Our Vision & Missions

Avocadian is the superhero of love, care, share — Everyone is Avocadian.
(Be role models for the next generation — one day, our children will come to us and say: "Dad/Mum, I want to be an Avocadian, just like you!")

To improve lives with avocadoes and charities.

Three Values
1) Love: Love yourself with Avocadian's Goodness;
2) Care: Care for others with Charity (AvoCare);
3) Share: Share meaningful moments around.

Love yourself, care for others, share meaningful moments.


Avocadian defines success by one’s inner health and beauty.
Many people spend their whole life seeking the meaning of life. We think we can learn something from an avocado. It might not look pretty on the outside, but incredibly nutritious and beautiful on the inside.

Avocadian embraces 3 core values: Love, Care, Share.
We believe the meaning of life is in our everyday life. By loving yourself, caring for others, and sharing happiness around, you nourish your body, soul, and mind holistically. You’re shining from the inside-out, just like an avocado.

Love: Achieve real health by loving yourself with Avocadian’s goodness.
Being tasty is just basic. We use only PREMIUM ingredients, PURE avocados, FRESH Australian Holstein Jersey cow’s milk, and ORGANIC almond/soy milk in making the avo-goodness. We’re so confident about our quality to provide GUARANTEE replacement to all avo-goodness. You’re what you eat. Every time you get our avo-goodness, your body is recharged, your health improves, you’re in control. it is a meaningful moment for your body.

Care: Achieve real beauty by caring for others with AvoCare.
We believe not only NGOs and Bill Gates can give, but every business and person can give, starting from Avocadian(s). Monetarily, we donate 10 cents to charity on your behalf for every avo-goodness sold. Physically, we volunteer our time to participate in charitable works. Every time you get our avo-goodness, it’s an impact on lives in need. We improve and empower lives together, every little helps. It is a meaningful moment for your soul.

Share: Share happiness with your friends and family.
Spread the good values around. Sharing is caring, caring is loving, loving is caring, caring is sharing. What an inspiring loop! Every time you enjoy the avo-time with your loved ones, you’re celebrating long-lasting relationships that are built upon Love, Care, and Share. It is a meaningful moment for your mind.

Our Story

Cautious: This is a long story. Sorry if we are not good storytellers 😝

Part 1 - How Janice and MK met.

Janice and MK are typical Malaysians who wish to make Malaysia proud.

They both love the nature and outdoor sports very much.

They enjoy travelling, marathon, hiking, rock climbing, and everything related to the nature!

There was no surprise one day they ended up being together as a lovely couple.

Part 2 - They first tasted avocado.

Both of them are very health-conscious too.

They all heard about avocado as a superfood since they were kids and they both tried it when they grew older.

Their reactions?

Janice: "Yummy, it's so creamy!"

MK: "Gosh... it's so tasteless and the texture is weird. No more avocado in my life."

Janice: "No. Avocado is super nutritious ok. You should definitely eat more!"

MK: "NO, thanks."

Part 3 - They went mad.

Since then, I would sometimes see avocados at Janice's home (Opps! Yes I'm MK! 😚 ). That was not good because:

1) Janice would force me to eat it (at least a mouthful of it... terrible!);

2) She would start complaining about the avocados she bought and went mad, e.g. "xxx... another rotten avocado... waste my money!!!"

Part 4 - Too many complaints...

Have you ever learned a new word, one that you swear you've never heard before, only to find it popping up throughout your daily life for a few days after?

Avocado is the word to us. We started realized that many relatives and friends of us loved avocado. We started seeing avo-related posts on Facebook and Instagram. How amazing!

However, the complaints never stopped kicking in:

"My avocados never ripen after few weeks..."

"My avocados were overripe before I realized..."

"I hope I could get ready-to-eat avocado to feed my baby everyday..."

"Don't ever buy the 3-for-RM10 avocados, 2/3 must be rotten..."

"I know avocado is very good but my kids don't like the taste..."

And many many more...

Part 5 - MK was convinced.

At that point of time, we're still not convinced to make Avocadian happen.

Until one day...

Janice tried her best to convince me to accept avocado by turning avocado onto Guacamole - a Mexican avocado dish.

The outcome? I surrendered (it's super healthy-licious!) and both of us become true avo-lovers!

As we researched and learned more about avocado, we realized that avocado diet is super popular in many advanced countries including Australia, New Zealand, Europe and United States, because scientists proved that it has amazing benefits on human's health and beauty.

We thought that we should promote avocado diet and try to solve all avo-problems for health-conscious people like us in Malaysia.

Part 6 - Finally it came true! 

After countless experiments, improvements, sweat, and tears, we're successful to deliver the healthiest, tastiest, and ready-to-eat avocado purée in Malaysia! 😃🥑!

Yeah, now it's possible to enjoy the essence of avocado everyday to truly benefit from avocado!

Part 7 - What's next? 
Haven't updated our story since 2017! Too busy dealing with avocados.. will update soon! =)

Learn more about what we offer. 

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