Avocado Supply and Solution for F&B Malaysia

Are you a F&B owner suffering from bad avocados?

Do you think it's all about ROTTEN AVOCADOS?

No, it's not just about the visible costs!

Some hidden costs include your mental stress and brand reputation. Moreover, you're losing potential profit!

We know Avocados.

Avocado has become incredibly popular among health-conscious individuals in Malaysia for its health benefits  (read here & here).

Avocadian is the only avocado specialist in Malaysia's F&B industry. We process more than 3000KG of avocados monthly to meet our clients’ high demands (Yes, we literally cut every piece and see what's happening in there) hence we can understand your pain more than anyone else. As a result, our unique experience enables us to solve all obstacles that stop you from growing your profitable avocado product.

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Your Growth Barrier

As avocado is getting more popular in Malaysia, our clients realized this opportunity and decided to incorporate avocados in their restaurant menu. In the beginning, good customer response was guaranteed, but soon later they realized the profit generated from their avocado products is not sustainable. It’s because the quality and supply of avocados was out of control that couldn’t meet customer’s expectation anymore.

cost iceberg of your avocado product
Avocado Wastage

You may get cheap avocados from Kenya but might end up spending 2-3 avocados for your 1/2 avocado recipe. It’s very painful to see rotten avocados sitting in the dustbin. The cost is just too high. However, you have no choice because you insist on product quality.

Mental Stress

The staff turnover rate in the F&B industry is very high. Unfortunately, your service crew members can hardly concentrate on customer service and the management team can’t focus on growing the business.

Brand Reputation

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction to the business. In general, customers expect the food/drink to be available and have consistent quality. Some unsatisfied customers would quietly leave the brand, some would leave bad reviews on Google/Facebook or to their friends and family. As a result, the brand reputation will be affected and this is very detrimental to business growth.

Losing Profit

Sometimes customers will just leave the restaurant if they only crave your particular avocado product. Perhaps this is the most complicated feeling for F&B owners. It’s because the potential profit earned is very likely to be higher than the cost of a rotten avocado (It’s better to spend an extra avocado than having no avocados to serve!)

Two Solutions, ONE Outcome.

Here is when Avocadian brings in immense values to your F&B businesses.
Two Solutions: Solve all your Avo-Stress immediately!
One Outcome: Grow your profit with the avocado product!
Avocado Fruit

Avocado Fruits Wholesale

Unripe, Half-ripe, Ripe

We handpick the world's finest avocados with different ripeness that suit your needs. Then we pack them with care for restaurant owners like you. We are big enough to make sure your supply is stable.

Avocado Pulp or Avocado Puree

⭐ Avocado Pulp Customization

Ready to Serve

Consistency is the key. You can now serve unlimited customers with perfectly ripe avocado pulp in every packet. Size customization and individual packaging are available. No more rotten avocados, we bear all risks!

Solution 1: Avocado Fruit Supply

1. For Small Business

What is your purpose of getting avocados? How many avocados do you need weekly? What are your current difficulties in handling avocados? Let us know so we can help!

2. Pick the Ripeness

Ripe? Half-ripe? Unripe? Tell us when you want to serve the avocados. We will select the suitable ones for you according to your needs to minimize the wastage and waiting time!

3. Stable Supply

We source avocados from various farms to get the best avocados of the season. Now you can enjoy stable avocado supply with a wholesale price. Moreover, you can just sit back and enjoy the delivery service!

⭐ Solution 2: Avocado Pulp Supply

1. For Growing Business

What is your purpose of getting avocados? How many avocados do you need weekly? How many outlets do you have? Let us know so we can help!

2. Customized Packaging

How many grams of avocado pulp do you need in your product? This is because we can customize the net weight of avocado pulp in each packaging according to your recipe!

3. Maximize Your Profit

You can now achieve ZERO wastage in your kitchen. In addition, you will always be ready to serve the customers and be able to focus on growing your business to the next level!

Avocado Fruit⭐ Avocado Pulp
RipenessPick different ripeness that suit your needs.Perfectly ripe avocado pulp  in every packets.
StorageRoom/Chilling TemperatureFrozen
Shelf Life (Ripe)2 - 3 days2 - 3 months
Quality ControlUnstableStable
CostingFluctuate Stable
CustomizationNoYes (Individual Packing, in grams)
Employee TrainingDifficultSimple
Business Size1-2 OutletsAny Size
Business GrowthSlowFast
Delivery ServiceYesYes

The only F&B Avocado Specialist in Malaysia

While many are asking for the quantity and price, here we talk about solutions and values. With Avocadian, we solve all your avocado issues so you can focus on expanding your business!

Excellent Quality

We’re committed to providing you the best avocados in the market at a reasonable price. Many know that Australian and Mexican avocados are good. However, there are different grades of avocados among themselves, just like durian in Malaysia. Furthermore, our customization and individual packaging service will help you to achieve consistent product quality and customer experience.

Cost Minimization

Now you know it’s not just about the cost of an avocado. We help you to minimize the avocado wastage, mental stress, staff training, and bad customer reviews. The extra costs you save here are 50% more than an avocado itself. What you save is what you earn!


Consistent Supply

There is always a shortage in avocado supply due to the high demand worldwide. Also, unpredictable weather and natural disaster have worsened the situation (e.g. Australia bushfires). Fortunately, You don’t have to worry about these issues anymore because we have built strong relationships with Australian farms and exporters.

Profit Maximization

With the consistent supply of good quality avocado fruits/pulp, you can now focus on growing your profit. You can put more effort into marketing because you’re always ready to serve more customers. Satisfied customers are happy customers, they would be impressed with your avocado product and loyal to your brand. You would be happy too by getting rid of the avocado issues and also achieving sustainable profit in your business.

We Help you to Break Through the Growth Barrier

Break through the cost iceberg
Helpful Avocado

Let us handle your avocado today. Worry-free experience!

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