F&B owners, sign this petition to tell our gov that We’re not Makcik Kiah!

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#wearenotmakcikkiah #fnbmalaysiapetition Dear F&B owners, let’s sign this petition (bit.ly/fnbmalaysia-petition) to tell our government that we’re not Makcik Kiah! I will take on the responsibility to compile your feedback and send it to our gov. Hi, I’m Meng Kuan, the cofounder of Avocadian. We’re a local F&B brand committed to delivering healthy avocado products to […]

10 Places to Buy Avocado in Malaysia

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While avocados have been very popular in Western countries like US, UK, Australia and Europe for many years (Holy guacamole, as they say!), some countries like Malaysia have just started to appreciate this pear-shaped fruit thanks to the rise of regional household income (avocados are not cheap) and health-awareness (but very nutritious). As the demand […]