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      We value your feedback/compliment/complain. It will definitely help us to serve you better!

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      Thank you so much for reaching us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Hopefully we can make a positive impact together!

      Please email your proposal to: hello@avocadian.com

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      We provide refund and replacement if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase.

  • Community
  • AvoCARE Membership
    • What is AvoCARE Membership Program?

      AvoCARE is a charitable membership program. It is a meaningful system that benefits you and our community by donating part of our profit to charity organizations. Avocadian donate 10 cents on your behalf for every avo-goodness sold (AvoShake = in-store + Beep | Avocado Fruits = Beep). Every little helps! Together we make the world a better place!

    • How to earn AvoPoints?

      Effective on March 2021.

      Item (buy 1 unit)AvoPoint
    • How to redeem AvoGoodness?

      Effective on March 2021.

      Item (redeem 1 unit)AvoPoint
    • Where does the donation go?

      100% of the donation goes to Avocadian in-house charity initiatives or charitable NGOs/ Foundations to support their effort in environmental/wildlife/social activities.

    • Can I get the AvoPoint with other offer/promo/FAVE Pay?

      Yes and No. Yes for Fave Pay, others we will let you know.

    • Do I get AvoPoints with the delivery/online order?

      Delivery/Online order is not included in this program at the moment.

    • Is there any membership fee or expiry date?

      No. It’s a free lifetime membership. Love and care are priceless.

    • How do I join AvoCARE?

      Kindly fill in the Registration Form & follow us on Social Media.

  • Delivery Service
  • In-Store
    • Outlet addresses, operation hours, and contacts.

      Daily: 10AM – 10PM

      📍Subang SS15
      B10, Jalan SS 15/4d, SS 15, 47500 Subang Jaya

      📍Damansara Uptown
      81, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya

      📍Bangsar Telawi
      36, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

    • What are the payment methods?

      Offline stores 

      • Cash
      • E-wallet (Boost, GrabPay, Maybank QR,  Touch ‘n Go, WeChat Pay, AliPay, Fave Pay, ShopeePay.)
      • Credit / Debit Card ( Visa , Mastercard , American Express) 
  • Other Products
    • AvoTart - Limited Batches Daily

      Our AvoTarts are freshly made everyday in batches to ensure quality and consistent results. This is also done to avoid oxidation of our avocado filling which incorporates a large amount of Avocados for you to enjoy. It is available in-store and delivery.

    • AvoSeeds

      We only use the best avocados available in the season. Our avocado seeds are best quality too. We ensure all seeds are in good condition and will select the good size and good looking seeds to boost up your success rate.

  • AvoShake
    • Is my AvoShake 100% natural?

      Yes. Your AvoShake is made with 100% natural ingredients only. NO PRESERVATIVES.

    • Is my AvoShake made by good quality avocado?

      We only use the best avocados available in the season.

    • How many ml in a cup?

      Regular: ~400 ml
      Large: ~ 500 ml

    • How long can my AvoShake last?

      Your AvoShake is freshly made on the spot, please consume them as soon as possible. If you want to have it for later, kindly keep it in the chiller to last up to 12 hours. Never leave it at room temperature for more than 2 hours, if the drink tastes eggy or smells bad, please discard it immediately. Too short? This is why you choose Avocadian right? 100% NATURAL!

      Note: 2 hours or more are subjected to change in taste due to oxidation process ( remove the top brown layer and mix the shake well )  

    • Suitable for Vegan/Keto?

      Yes. It can be Vegan/Keto friendly! Although we add a low amount of organic brown sugar in some of the flavors, you may request for sugar-free version, or replace the fresh milk with: 1) organic almond milk; 2) organic soy milk; 3) plain water/smoothie. 

      For delivery order, just let us know your special request on the “Item/Order/Delivery Note”.

    • Can I request for "no sugar" or "no ice"?

      Yes! While the AvoShake contains low amount of organic cane sugar and no solid ice, you may always request for less/no sugar or less/non-cold version.

      For delivery order, just let us know your special request on the “Item/Order/Delivery Note”.

      Note: We recommend the default version for customers without dietary specific needs.  

    • What are the calories?

    • What flavors would you recommend me?

      All our menu items have a unique taste and combination. 

      Ranking of drinks (based on sales):

        • Original Avoshake (Overall health and beauty in a cup) 
        • AvoDates               ( High fiber body cleanse ) 
        • AvoCoco                ( Chocolate Indulgence) 
        • AvoBee                  ( Immune system ) 
        • AvoBerry               ( Eyes, skin & hair nourishment ) 
        • AvoBanana            ( Good night’s sleep )  
        • AvoOrea                ( The classic crunchiness )
        • AvoQueen             ( Royal beauty secret) 
        • AvoMatcha            ( Extra anti-aging)

      Each flavor has its own fans!

    • What base would you recommend?

      Pure fresh milk is our all-time favourite! You may go for almond/soy milk if you’re lactose intolerance or on special diet.

    • Is AvoShake suitable for my baby to consume ?

      We recommend 2 years and above.

    • May I have the menu?

      You may check the menu on our delivery platform:

    • Do all your AvoShakes contain organic cane sugar ?

      No. Here is a list of Avoshakes that has natural sweetness:

      • AvoDates (Avocado + Dates)
      • AvoQueen ( Avocado + Papaya + Manuka Honey )

      Close to none:

      • AvoBee    ( Avocado + Honey)
      • AvoBanana    ( Avocado + Banana)
    • Are there any toppings?

      Yes , we have toppings you can add-on to triple your nutritional intake and boost added goodness . This is suitable as a post-work out drink or evening drink. 

      Below are the list of topping available: 

      • Brain Booster   (8-in-1)
      • Beauty Booster (9-in-1) 
      • Avocado chunks 
      • Almond chunks 
      • Cashew chunks 
      • Raisins 
      • Hazelnuts 
      • Peanut chunks 
      • Chia chunks 
  • AvoFruit
    • Where can I place my avocado order?
    • Where can I collect the avocados?

      1) Damansara Uptown: 81, Jalan SS21/37, 47400 Petaling Jaya

      2) Subang Jaya SS15: B10, Jalan SS15/4d, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

      3) Bangsar Telawi: 36, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

    • How do I store my avocados?

      The storing method is according to the ripeness of the avocado: 

      • Ripe Avocados
        • Room temperature (it will be over-ripe in 1-2 days),
        • Refrigerator (can be stored for 2-3 days)
      • Half-ripe Avocados 
        • Room temperature (ripe in 1-2 days),
        • Refrigerator (can be  stored for 4-6 days)
      • Unripe Avocados
        • Room temperature (2-3 days to ripe),
        • Refrigerator (can be stored for 7-14 days)
    • What is the avocado size?

      The size of avocados are M-size. However, the size will slightly vary batch by batch. Please rest assured that we only aim to provide the best quality avocados to our customers at all times.

    • If the pulp turns black, can it still be eaten?

      If the avocado is rotten, or there is a strange, sour or foul smell, please discard the whole fruit.

      However, If there is partial damage (e.g. bruise), discard the damaged part, and try the other beautiful parts first. If it tastes weird, please discard the whole fruit.

      Note: Rotten fruits are eligible for 3 days easy replacement. (Replacement Policy)

    • What is the 3 Days Replacement Policy?

      Avocado Fruit is entitled to 3 Days Replacement Policy for rotten avocados. Overripe/Bruised avocados are excluded.

      1. Take photos of the problematic avocados as soon as it’s cut.
      2. Reach us via Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp 0106540235.
      3. The team will review the replacement request.
    • Where are my avocados from?

      We source the best avocados from Australia, Mexico, and United States.

    • Are Australian avocados the best?

      This is a misconception of many Malaysians. To be frank, Australian avocados are the safest bet for consumers who haven’t met Avocadian yet. It is like we’re staying Malaysian durians are the best, apparently not all durians here are Musang King. The best avocados are actually from Mexico (the origin of avocado), but it really depends on the farm, season, weather, soil etc.

    • Why should I buy avocados from Avocadian?

  • AvoPuree
    • What are the ingredients?

      100% Pure AvoPurée contains nothing but 100% pure premium avocado pulp.

      Signature Superfood AvoPurée contains premium avocado pulp (99%), pure honey, fresh lemon, and sea salt. They are science-backed superfoods highly recommended by nutritionists and vegetarian friendly!

    • Is my avocado purée 100% natural?

      Yes. Your avocado purée is made with 100% natural ingredients only.

    • How do I know it's 100% natural?

      Put your avocado purée at room temperature for 5 hours and see what happens. Dangerous Dispose

      After the sachet is cut open, the surface of the purée will start turning brown slowly when in contact with air. (due to oxidization, like a normal avocado/apple)
      Natural Safe to Eat

      Sometimes there are a few visible brown fibers in the purée. Natural Safe to Eat

    • Is it suitable for babies?

      Signature Superfood AvoPurée is not suitable for infants below 12 months of age as it contains pure honey. We recommend 100% Pure AvoPurée as your baby’s best first food.

    • 100% Pure or Signature?

      If you’ve never eaten avocado before or dislike its original flavor, we highly recommend Signature Superfood. Go for 100% Pure if you love avocados or it’s for your infant below 12 months of age.

    • Can I buy half box to try first?

      Definitely, you can start with half box of AvoPurée.

      In case you’re worried about how does it taste, you may:

      Read our reviews on Facebook (4.9/5) and Google (4.8/5)
      Signature Superfood: Read the ingredient list and make it yourself at home (no secret)
      100% Pure: Purchase an avocado at any local store, the chances are our is tastier.

      However, don’t you agree the nutrition is more important than the taste? =)

    • What is the serving size per day?

      Each AvoPurée box comes with a 1-month avocado supply with 30 daily sachets. Consume one (up to 2) sachet every day consistently for better health results.

    • Can I eat the avocado purée on its own?

      The most convenient and easiest way is to eat it directly. Alternatively, you may spread it on toast, mix into your smoothie, or use it as a healthy dip for snacks and wholesome salad dressing. Get creative!

    • How long can my avocado purée last?

      Please always keep your purée in the freezer and it can last up to 2 months. Never leave it at room temperature for more than 30 minutes. Too short? This is why you choose Avocadian right? 100% NATURAL!

    • Has the packaging been changed?

      Yes. Previously the avocado puree are kept in jars but now we keep them in sachets to achieve more advantages:

      1) avoid oxidization
      2) more convenient to consume
      3) more accurate serving size
      4) more consistent consumption
      5) same quality but cheaper price!

    • Is there any delivery charge?

      Full Box AvoPurée
      – Klang Valley (FREE)
      – Others (RM25)

      Half Box AvoPurée
      – Klang Valley (RM10)
      – Others (RM25)

    • What are the delivery days?

      We delivery every Wednesday and Saturday. If you’re not available on these days please let us know and we would make a special arrangement for you.

    • What are the delivery coverage areas?

      Kuala Lumpur:

      All areas.


      All, EXCEPT: 42940, 43950, 43950 – 45000, 45100 – 45700, 48000 – 48390, 49000.

      Other States

      Penang, Ipoh, Seremban, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Perak, Kedah, Kulai, Batu Pahat, Muar and other majar cities and township.

      If you’re unsure, please feel free to contact us.

      Email: hello@avocadian.com /
      Quick Whatsapp link