Hiring for Juice Barista (RM2200-2500)

Salary Package: RM2200-2500

We’re a fast-growing healthy juice store. If you don’t have any working experience or are not satisfied with your current job, you will love us. There are many opportunities here for your self-development. We will guide you step-by-step and grow together.

Your first position here is Avorista (Juice Barista):
1) Take good care of customers.
2) Take good care of cash.
3) Take good care of juices.
4) Take good care of the shop.
5) Take good care of the stock.
6) Others: Anything else you want to learn.

📍 Workplace + Hostel provided:
1) Bangsar Telawi;
2) Damansara Uptown;
3) Subang SS15

😊 Working Hours:
10 hours/day, rest 4 days/month

🌱 Salary Package (RM2200-2500++)
1) Basic Salary – RM1600
2) Overtime Allowance – RM600
4) Hostel Provided ~worth RM200-500
5) FREE Juice ~worth RM400
6) Medical Allowance ~RM15
7) Netflix Premium ~worth RM55
8) Monthly Outing (after Covid)
9) Yearly Trip
10) Increment/Bonus (performance based)

🌱 Requirements (FULL TIME ONLY)
1) don’t care about your academic background/experience/age.
2) stop being addictive to playing mobile phone.
3) be serious about your career and be like an adult.
4) only care about your attitude (self-motivated, active, hardworking, responsible).
5) only welcome long-term family member (1 year+)
6) prefer female (to avoid any potential harassment in the workplace).

😃 Happy working environment.
👂 You can always voice out. Your Idea and feedback will be heard.
🥑 Free juices that keep your healthy and pretty.
💪 We will train and nurture you to unleash your full potential.
🌻 There is no limit on growing your capability and salary.
👍 Attitude is everything. Attitude is more important than skills.
😊 We’re a family. NO POLITICS.

Be part of our family and be happy, kindly fill in the application form.

🥇 Get RM300 bonus when you pass the probation.
👌 Ask any questions in the interview.

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