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AvoPurée – Avocado Puree

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We carefully selected the world’s finest avocados, turn them into the ready-to-eat avocado puree, and deliver a box of avo-goodness to your doorstep every month to satisfy your highest standards for personal well-being. Whether the goal is to boost your general health, beauty, weight-loss, fitness or baby and kid’s growth, you’ve made the right choice. Get AvoPuree today to keep you happy & energized all day in this Ramadan!


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Our Happy Customers

AvoPurée is the best first food for your baby 👶

Your baby will want more and grow smarter! 🧠

Avocado has become incredibly popular among health-conscious individuals in Malaysia for its health benefits that are easily supported by scientific research  (read here & here). It’s often referred to as a superfood due to its important nutrients such as antioxidants and good fat, which are essential for a healthy diet. The purpose of AvoPurée is to ensure you are consistently absorbing the nutrients of avocado to maximize its awesome health benefits.


For bulk purchase and other avocado solutions for your f&b business, please visit this link.

premium quality avocado puree   avocado puree is vegetarian friendlyavocado puree made by Australian Avocadosavocado puree without preservatives

How AvoPurée Works

avocado puree plan

Choose a Plan

AvoPurée helps you to take care of your health, beauty and kid’s growth all at once. It’s the best investment you would make for yourself and family well-being!

30 daily sachets x 35g / box / month

avocado puree result

Be Extraordinary

Everyone can be extraordinary. With AvoPurée, you will achieve your health and beauty goals faster, while your kids will grow much taller and smarter! Trust us. If not, TRUST AVOCADO 🥑!

Get healthier and prettier day by day.

Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs

signature avocado puree nutrition fact
signature avocado puree ingredients
pure avocado puree nutrition fact
pure avocado puree ingredients

7 Outcomes For You

It’s healthier and tastier now!

You gain 50% more body detox and anti-aging effects, and many extra advantages than just eating avocado alone. All thank to the extra science-proven superfoods (pure honey, fresh lemon and sea salt) that provide more than 30 essential vitamins, minerals, and other goodness in every single pack.

Note: We offer 100% pure avocado purée for your baby under 1 year old.

Save your time and money.

Enough of low quality, tasteless, unripe or rotten avocados.  Now you can have perfect avo-goodness ready anytime to satisfy your health and beauty needs with no wasted time and money. Above all, we thrive to deliver customers a low price high quality product. This is one of the main reasons why many health-conscious people love Avocadian as they just need to invest as low as 2% of their  income to boost their health, beauty and kid’s growth all at once.

avocado puree on breakfast

Your kids will love it the Avocado Puree

Too rush? You can now easily prepare the healthiest and tastiest breakfast for their school mornings!

Forget about the chocolate drink, butter, jam, and many other processed food (learn more about the facts).

Simply add the avocado puree on your kids’ favourite food.

AvoPurée provides many essential nutrients to kids to boost their body and brain development.

Love your little ones now, and they will thank you when they grow older.

avocado puree on salad

Just be creative with your Avocado Puree!

Research found that Avocado health benefits surpass the nutrients found in avocados alone: Avocados actually improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from other foods. If you are eating salad with an avocado, your body will absorb 5 times the salad’s nutrients than eating the salad alone.

The salad dressing in the market is either too sweet or too sour, people always easily get bored with it. Let AvoPurée

be your healthy-licious salad dressing today, the taste is just right! If you don’t understand what is “Food Thickener 415” on the label, do keep it away.

🥑 5 Reasons To Avoid Store-Bought Salad Dressings

avocado puree by real people



Yes. Your avocado purée is made with 100% natural ingredients only.

Put your avocado purée at room temperature for 5 hours and see what happens. Dangerous Dispose

After the sachet is cut open, the surface of the purée will start turning brown slowly when in contact with air. (due to oxidization, like a normal avocado/apple)
Natural Safe to Eat

Sometimes there are a few visible brown fibers in the purée. Natural Safe to Eat

Signature Superfood AvoPurée is not suitable for infants below 12 months of age as it contains pure honey. We recommend 100% Pure AvoPurée as your baby’s best first food.

If you've never eaten avocado before or dislike its original flavor, we highly recommend Signature Superfood. Go for 100% Pure if you love avocados or it’s for your infant below 12 months of age.

Definitely, you can start with half box of AvoPurée.

In case you’re worried about how does it taste, you may:

1. Read our reviews on Facebook (4.9/5) and Google (4.8/5)
2. Signature Superfood: Read the ingredient list and make it yourself at home (no secret)
3. 100% Pure: Purchase an avocado at any local store, the chances are our is tastier.

However, don’t you agree the nutrition is more important than the taste? =)

Each AvoPurée box comes with a 1-month avocado supply with 30 daily sachets. Consume one (up to 2) sachet every day consistently for better health results.

The most convenient and easiest way is to eat it directly. Alternatively, you may spread it on toast, mix into your smoothie, or use it as a healthy dip for snacks and wholesome salad dressing. Get creative!

Please always keep your purée in the freezer and it can last up to 2 months. Never leave it at room temperature for more than 30 minutes. Too short? This is why you choose Avocadian right? 100% NATURAL!

Yes. Previously the avocado puree are kept in jars but now we keep them in sachets to achieve more advantages:

1) avoid oxidization
2) more convenient to consume
3) more accurate serving size
4) more consistent consumption
5) same quality but cheaper price!


Full Box AvoPurée
- Klang Valley (FREE)
- Others (RM25)

Half Box AvoPurée
- Klang Valley (RM10)
- Others (RM25)

If you order 3 boxes of AvoPurée, you may request to get your 3 boxes of avocado puree delivered all at once or separately once the payment is confirmed. Your first month of AvoPurée will be shipped out within 4 business days. Subsequently, you may contact us when you're ready for the next delivery.

Feel free to contact us so we can reschedule the delivery for you.

Yes, we understand. Let us know and we would make a special arrangement for you.

We’re serving …


Our customers love Avocado Puree

The avocado puree is as fresh as an avocado fruit. My kids want it everyday. It really save me a lot of time so I will get the 1 year subscription next month. Thanks for your great product and the 5-star customer service. Highly recommended to all busy working mothers like me.

Felice Lee Working Mother

Before subscribing to the AvoBoost, I used to felt tired everyday. My eyes were tired and my liver was badly affected all due to the stress and OT from the job. The worst? My skin started turning bad and dried, I felt so terrible. I don’t know why but their AvoBoost just worked! Now I’m feeling more energetic and my skin is getting better. I did eat avocado occasionally back then, but there was no effect at all. Perhaps consistency is the key. Thanks Avocadian!

Low Jing Jing Data Analyst

Since dh beli puree yg sedap ni dr @avocadian_my …. minggu ni kita makan ni aje.. sangat sedap ni.. 1 botol abis sudah 😋😜



Yati Hamid Business Owner

Jar Avocado is so Delicious just no need lunch… I want to diet!

#healthyfood #vitamin


Joan Graphic Designer

I was amazed by their devotion to sustain the fine nutrients of avocado and at the same time wonderfully blend a recipe that evoked my taste bud on my first try! It has the earthiness of avocado with a light fresh citrus scent of lemon I can just eat it right away with a scope of teaspoon 🙂 It will be a great choice as a wholesome gift for the people we care and to share the message of “eating healthy can be as simple as that!”

Hway Yin Teacher

I’ve had my fair share of experiences of eating out of the jar but none as quickly and as delightful as when I consumed Joys Avocado Plus! The purée texture and balance of flavours brought out the best from their Avocado. I was having sore throat and I found relief in every mouthful of the nutritious purée. Do yourself a favour and get a jar! (Or two (for me too pls) ) 😉 keep up the great work with branding and producing such a lovely product.

Jacqqueliine Benita Paul Student

Definitely help me shine from the inside out.


Chan Mei Lien Housewife

Thanks Mum for the New Stock! ❤️

baby loves avocado puree 1

Yummyyy 😋

baby love avocado puree 2

I love Avocadian… and MUM! 👶

baby loves avocado puree 3
avocado puree guarantee


There is no secret on the ingredients, what AvoPurée really offers you is the ONLY privilege and convenience to absorb the essence of avocado consistently to achieve your health and beauty goals naturally. In short, AvoPurée helps you to truly benefit from avocado to shine from the inside-out. “We are what we eat” and “Consistency is the key” are what we believe.

89 reviews on
Wen Wu Tan
Wen Wu Tan
Delicious 😋
Read more
Amy Sim
Amy Sim
Best milkshake in town!!
Read more
Their avocado drinks are really smooth. Even for non-avid avocado consumer like me, i still find their drinks incredibly smooth and flavorful.
Read more
Mohammed Hanif
Mohammed Hanif
First time here. It was really good and fresh. Got RM 5 cash back with Shopee Pay. Highly recommend.
Read more
Janice Cheng
Janice Cheng
Avocado milk shake and papaya shake both are really smooth, you won’t be able to feel the ice bits in it. Taste really good. Will recommend to try it out, not the normal kind of milk shake or ice blended juice you can get outside.
Read more
best avocado drinks❤️
Read more
Best avocado drinks ever😋
Read more
Simon Choy
Simon Choy
For a healthier alternative to the mass of sugar loaded tea and coffee concoctions so abundant around this area, Avocadian gives you a healthy belly filling treat that's also kind to your waistline.
Read more
Kent Lim
Kent Lim
First time here as kids have craving for Avocado shake. Staff was friendly and price is reasonable. This place accepts all the e-wallets and FavePay. Has delivery via Grab too. If you looking for fresh avocado shake and not the super duper sweet type, this is the place. Parking is a challenge so grab the first lot and do a bit of walking altho few minutes double park should be OK too.
Read more
Weight1.05 kg
Dimensions24 × 12 × 12 cm

100% Pure (good for baby), Signature Superfood (honey), Mixed (both flavours)


Half Box (RM100), 1 Box (RM180/Box), 3 Boxes (RM159/Box)

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