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Once your order is confirmed, we will customize and WhatsApp/email the voucher code to you in 24 hours.

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Scan the Beep QR Code in the following outlets:

📍 Avocadian Subang, SS15
📍 Avocadian Petaling Jaya, Damansara Uptown
📍 Avocadian Bangsar, Jalan Telawi
📍 Avocadian Puchong, Bandar Puteri 2

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Google Reviews

Nurul Syazrina Mohamad Anil Shah AvatarNurul Syazrina Mohamad Anil Shah
Love the taste and selection. 👍🏽
Eevonn Ng AvatarEevonn Ng
They are giving away 1000 free shake for vaccinated people. Their shake is creamy and not too sweet, genuine
Janice Cheng AvatarJanice Cheng
Avocado milk shake and papaya shake both are really smooth, you won’t be able to feel the ice bits in it. Taste really good. Will recommend to try it out, not the normal kind of milk shake or ice blended juice you can get outside.
Simon Choy AvatarSimon Choy
For a healthier alternative to the mass of sugar loaded tea and coffee concoctions so abundant around this area, Avocadian gives you a healthy belly filling treat that's also kind to your waistline.
Kent Lim AvatarKent Lim
First time here as kids have craving for Avocado shake. Staff was friendly and price is reasonable. This place accepts all the e-wallets and FavePay. Has delivery via Grab too. If you looking for fresh avocado shake and not the super duper sweet type, this is the place. Parking is a challenge so grab the first lot and do a bit of walking altho few minutes double park should be OK too.
Jasmine Chee AvatarJasmine Chee
Had a craving for avocado milkshake, and I'd found this shop nested in SS15. Pricing was reasonable (considering the core ingredient is avocado), and not expensive at all compared to the bubble tea craze. It's also a much healthier alternative to the bubble tea addiction.I'd tried the Original AvoShake, which was sugar free (with no sweetener). I won't say it's the tastiest, but it's definitely healthy. I would recommend the AvoBanana. The addition of banana is just the right amount of sweetness.
Munimu Ahmed AvatarMunimu Ahmed
Honestly, their shakes are addictive. Once you try it you will go back again. I tried all the flavours and all are very unique from one another. I have quite a few shakes on my list that I love the most and order frequently, which are avobee, avodates, avomatcha and avoqueen because I love these combinations. It is recommended to order the flavored drink when the texture and taste of the avocado is runny or bland. The taste and texture varies batch to batch depending on the season said by them. But when the texture and taste is thick and creamy Original avoshake is a must to try. I highly recommend this place if you are interested to try some pure goodness.
Huii Qiann AvatarHuii Qiann
I ordered Avodates, it was so tasty! Not too sweet and just right! I can also chew the dates. So yummy! And also the texture of the drinks so tasty! Going to try other flavor!
Jezelia Evangeline AvatarJezelia Evangeline
I have tried many avocado drink but i have never tried an avocado drink like this before from now this is my favourite
mael toshio Avatarmael toshio
First of all, I'm not even a fan of avocado drinks, but somehow my sister dragged me here 🙄 OMG, i changed my mind. I really like the drink which is the most expensive one, i forgot the name of it. It's premium queen or something? But the taste it was so so thick and yummy, I feel like in a heaven when i take sip of it. I sounds exaggerating, well maybe i am, but I'm not lying 🤘
Nur Qurratul Aini AvatarNur Qurratul Aini
I never try avocado in my life...suddenly my aunt wants to try..at first i assume i will hate it cuz its green and does not look tasty..but the moment after the first sip of the juice i was extremely shock...i love it..im in love with the juice more than other drinks...its healthy and tasty❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Patcheri Chin AvatarPatcheri Chin
Never have I ever stumbled upon an avocado based juice bar as this. I tried their "Original Avoshake" with some nuts as toppings, the texture of the shake is creamy and tasted refreshing plus the nuts were nice to chew on, like bubble tea but way healthier. I was full after a cup, perfect meal replacement! Definitely will go back and try other flavours - better than bubble tea.
Jenn Fu AvatarJenn Fu
Addicted to the shake so muchhh! From a non-Avocadian to an Avocadian !!
Zhau Kuan Ong AvatarZhau Kuan Ong
I love avocado as it provides wonderful health benefits. I Wanted to feed avocado to my kids everyday before going to school but it was not possible when more than 50% of the store bought avocados were problematic (some rotten, some tasteless, some never ripen...) and even I tried my best sometimes the avocados were still out of stock?!! My colleague recommended me Avocadian and I was amazed. They have the best avocado and best service, where can you find 100% pure avocado pulp and free delivery in the market? (Although my kids don't really care, they just love the taste and want it everyday...) Thanks for making my life easier!
KissMyMac Mac Repair Malaysia (KISSMYMAC) AvatarKissMyMac Mac Repair Malaysia (KISSMYMAC)
Been seeing Avocadian being tagged on many Instastory. Decided to make a trip here and give this avocado milk shakes a try, and they tasted amazing! Staff are friendly!Recommended
Carmen Kong AvatarCarmen Kong
The best avocado milkshake in town that I tasted. Soooooooo good with the taste , when I passby ss15 , I won’t miss out this avocado milkshake. The taste was so creamy, must try if you are avocado fans . Even you are not, you won’t regret after you tried . I hope can have branches at other place! Thumbs up! I prefer avocado milkshake rather than bubble milk tea ! This is so healthy and the price was reasonable !! Have new insta photo spot !!!!
IhsaannP (ihsaannP) AvatarIhsaannP (ihsaannP)
Nice place for Avocado drink takeout near Inti College, already been opened for 1 year (opened March 2018). Staff here are well manner and good service with customers.If its your first time visiting, they can give you advise what to order meeting your needs. The avocado juice lifts energy when your tired, I ordered Original Avocado shake with chia seeds added. I also got the glass straw sold and will get discount in the future using the straw for future drink orders.The place is convenient in cashless payment, which is efficient. Happy to know about the place cause I like Avocado drinks and food 😁👍
Adam Musa Lim AvatarAdam Musa Lim
Very nice products. They also sell the actual avocados from Australia, great quality
Advika Nurul AvatarAdvika Nurul
suka sgt avocado puree diorg~ best!
Kuan Heng Tan AvatarKuan Heng Tan
love the puree, so smooth and creamy, already subscribe to yearly avoboost. 加油!
Annabel Isa AvatarAnnabel Isa
so happy to receive your avocado today. after trying, i immediately fell in love with the texture and taste. thank you for the thoughtful small packs inside, really convenience for busy person like me to just eat 1 pack every day. will definitely recommend to my colleagues 😉
Siti Harisman AvatarSiti Harisman
avocado puree dia mmg best, x letak preservative dan mcm mcm, sgt pure and natural. Highly recommended!
Xiao Yu AvatarXiao Yu
I ordered online via their website. Love their avocado puree! Very natural and so yummy!