From ZERO to OK OK (Just Another Start-Up in Malaysia)

Avocadian Malaysia

Yes, we're just another start-up in Malaysia.

You might know we're delivering the healthiest and tastiest avocado diet to health-conscious individuals (like you) in town.


- We didn’t know the amazing health benefits of avocado 🥑

- We didn’t know how to make avocado purée 🤨

- We didn't know how to start a business 🧐

- We didn’t know how to register a company 📌

- We didn’t know if Malaysians were ready for avocados 🇲🇾


- We didn't know avocados are so vulnerable and needed to be nurtured like a baby 👶

- We didn’t know how to promote it 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

- We didn’t know how to build a website 🌈

- We didn’t know how to do good product photography 📷

- We didn’t know if customers mind a higher price tag for 100% natural product 🌱

- We didn’t know how to innovate the packaging in a way to extend its shelf life without compromising its quality and naturalness 🌷

- We didn’t know if we were naive enough to deliver all the orders by ourselves (Big shoutout to Waze! Did I tell you I have terrible sense of direction 😂)

- We didn’t know if we can sustain our living if we insist on making only 100% natural avocado purée (once in a while, we were "advised" to add preservatives) 🤢

- We didn’t know how to convince people to switch from artificial food products to natural food therapy ☝️

- We didn’t know if we should be jealous of our friends earning steady income/enjoying their weekends while we continue to work our ass off 7 days a week 🤕

So How? "LEARN" LAH =)

We knew nothing in the beginning. We started from scratch. We learn anything and everything we can about running a business. We learn from every lesson/mistake. We learn from many kind and wise old and young people from all walks of life. We learn to do what's right.

What we knew back then was that many people appreciate the health and beauty effects of avocado but at the same time disliking the taste or found it very troublesome to deal with.

We saw this problem/opportunity and jumped right in!


What We Learnt?

- We learnt that entrepreneurship is about problem solving. It doesn't need to be a "world class" problem. You don't have to "save the world", as long as you are contributing even slightest values to those around you.

- We learnt how to transform a problem to an opportunity. It doesn't need a "world class" solution, as long as you willing to give your 100%.

- We learnt to take risk. If what we'd been doing is easy, then other people would be doing it too. If we knew this business will be successful, other people would've done it already.


We’re now doing A to Z, from manufacturing to delivering, from designing to packaging, from marketing to customer service. On a site note, we tried to outsource delivery to courier company, however most of our customers are white collars or working mums who are only available at night/weekends so we still handle some deliveries ourselves, so yes, sometimes you will still see me. 😂




Listen Up

My parents once asked what if this business eventually fails?

“I will start another business venture because there are just too many unsolved problems in this society.”

No one can predict the future. If you think your idea would have more than 55% success rate, GO FOR IT.

As long as your business is providing value (even the slightest) to people, even with poor marketing skills, the opportunities will eventually knock the door.

Diagnose any problem in your daily life, find a solution, then transform it to opportunity!


Have you heard the story of the rabbit and tortoise?

Rabbit DREAMED yesterday, is DREAMING today, and will DREAM tomorrow.

Tortoise DREAMED yesterday, is EXECUTING today, and will WIN tomorrow.


What I want to emphasise here is "NEVER TRY NEVER KNOW", you have to actually START SOMETHING TO SEE SOMETHING!



All the best,

p/s: If you're a dreamer who always wants to build your own start-up in the future, here is an internship opportunity to get your hand dirty in the real world (Not a student anymore? Let us know if you want to involve full time!) You may learn more about our story here.


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About Author

Joy is the co-founder of Avocadian.

She truly believe “real food” is the savior in this overly-processed world, a realistic way to achieve our health and beauty goals, and the key to deliver the real results we desired.

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