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Avocadian Malaysia

Malaysia’s Avocado Lovers

Avocadian was established by avocado lovers with a mission to deliver the healthiest avocado diet in Malaysia. Every month, we consistently deliver the right amount of fresh avocado purée for health-conscious people like you to achieve your health and beauty goals effortlessly.

Get The Best Out Of Avocados

Embrace Food Therapy: Let us help you to truly benefit from avocado!
AvoPurée  helps you to UNLOCK its amazing health and beauty benefits effortlessly:
Avocado Fruit

AvoFruit Fast-Selling

Avocado Fruit

We handpick the finest avocados in the world and pack them with care for restaurant owners and health-conscious individuals like you. With AvoBox, you’ll always have a delicious avocado to share with your family and friends

Avocado Pulp or Avocado Puree

AvoPurée Limited

Avocado Purée

Consistency is the key. We deliver the right amount of fresh avo-goodness to your doorstep monthly to satisfy your high standards for personal health, beauty, and kid's growth effortlessly. No more rotten avocados, we bear all risks!

How to get your Avocado Purée

1. Get AvoPurée

AvoPurée helps you to take care of your health, beauty and kid’s growth all at once. It’s the best investment you would make for yourself and family well-being. Subscribe today to enjoy up to 20% OFF!

2. Receive At Your Doorstep

We deliver fresh avo-goodness to your doorstep monthly. Just sit back and enjoy the wholesome goodness at your cozy home with FREE delivery! It’s literally hassle-free!

3. Be Extraordinary

Everyone can be extraordinary. With AvoBoost, you will achieve your health and beauty goals faster than your peers, while your kids will grow much taller and smarter than average. Trust us. If not, TRUST AVOCADO 🥑!

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Our customers love us

The avocado puree is as fresh as an avocado fruit. My kids want it everyday. It really save me a lot of time so I will get the 1 year subscription next month. Thanks for your great product and the 5-star customer service. Highly recommended to all busy working mothers like me.

Felice Lee Working Mother

Before subscribing to the AvoBoost, I used to felt tired everyday. My eyes were tired and my liver was badly affected all due to the stress and OT from the job. The worst? My skin started turning bad and dried, I felt so terrible. I don’t know why but their AvoBoost just worked! Now I’m feeling more energetic and my skin is getting better. I did eat avocado occasionally back then, but there was no effect at all. Perhaps consistency is the key. Thanks Avocadian!

Low Jing Jing Data Analyst

Since dh beli puree yg sedap ni dr @avocadian_my …. minggu ni kita makan ni aje.. sangat sedap ni.. 1 botol abis sudah 😋😜



Yati Hamid Business Owner

Jar Avocado is so Delicious just no need lunch… I want to diet!

#healthyfood #vitamin


Joan Graphic Designer

I was amazed by their devotion to sustain the fine nutrients of avocado and at the same time wonderfully blend a recipe that evoked my taste bud on my first try! It has the earthiness of avocado with a light fresh citrus scent of lemon I can just eat it right away with a scope of teaspoon 🙂 It will be a great choice as a wholesome gift for the people we care and to share the message of “eating healthy can be as simple as that!”

Hway Yin Teacher

I’ve had my fair share of experiences of eating out of the jar but none as quickly and as delightful as when I consumed Joys Avocado Plus! The purée texture and balance of flavours brought out the best from their Avocado. I was having sore throat and I found relief in every mouthful of the nutritious purée. Do yourself a favour and get a jar! (Or two (for me too pls) ) 😉 keep up the great work with branding and producing such a lovely product.

Jacqqueliine Benita Paul Student

Definitely help me shine from the inside out.


Chan Mei Lien Housewife

Customer Survey

🌱 Until now, we’ve never ceased to make improvement to serve you better e.g. new packaging (daily packs) and free delivery.

🌻 It won’t be so meaningful without your contribution. Therefore we drafted a customer feedback form to hear your thoughts on how can we help you to stay healthier, prettier, and happier with avocado in Malaysia!

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Ready to be Extraordinary?

Learn how Avocados can help you to achieve your health and beauty goals in 2020.

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